Developing a Reformation Mindset

Can a nation be saved in a day? Can a city be transformed in a year? These are the questions that demand a response, and not just from anyone. They demand our response.

Cities are waiting to be transformed. Nations are waiting to be discipled. Yet how will we disciple unless we go? And how will we be ready unless we are trained?

God’s profound love for us wrecks us for life. It teaches us how to love each other and inspires us to love the world.

Love is what transforms. Strategy and structure are tools that have the capacity to carry His love to all corners of the earth.

- Craig Muster
Being mobilized and empowered as a body is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Seeing God invade our homes is the beginning, witnessing Him invade our spheres of influence, cities, and nations is a natural overflow of what we are experiencing in our daily lives.

We can see in front of us a picture beginning to form. Revival has led to restoration, and now restoration is finding an expression through Reformation.

Transforming Cities

There’s a stirring in the heart of revivalists that will turn to sickness if there isn’t an outlet. It is the thought, “I must have something beyond another experience with God. I must have a place where that experience brings reformation in such a way that it radically transforms the hearts and minds of people.” We become the solution people are waiting for. We will boldly see God do what no man can do. He is our source. We are his children. The world is waiting. We’ve learned what it means to be a family.  Let’s discover together what it means to be a nation.

A church body that has experienced and established its authority will radically bring solutions to world problems. We can shift things. Jesus was never at the mercy of political or religious systems, and he doesn’t ask us to be. He experienced and discovered His own authority radically bring solutions to world problems. Now, He asks us to shift the systems of man to look like Heaven, on Earth.

Can a nation be saved in a day? Can a city be transformed in a year? These are the questions that demand a response.

Today, I challenge you to begin to allow God’s love to penetrate the hard places, and to ask Him how your unique design can answer the Earth’s questions.

If you are looking for a way to “go,” join us in our workshops and monthly outreaches as we begin to pour out the overflow of God’s love in our daily lives into the corners of the earth.

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