Expect Goodness | Guest Post from Lauren Hasson

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Expect Goodness


“Be strong and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for and hope for and expect the Lord!”   Psalms 27:14


Take your courage!  Allow your heart to hope.  Allow your heart to rest and see that I have what you need.  Allow your heart to breathe and be seen, felt and heard.  No need to try and BE BRAVE instead of  RECEIVE BRAVE. You are looking at the circumstances instead of who I Am as the author and finisher of faith.  Let me author it.  Let me write about your child.  Let me open the book of life so you can read what I’m writing about their situation.  I am the author.  I write amazing things in their story that will overwhelm you.  See My goodness.  Do not hope for them to move towards Me, hope for Me to first always be moving towards them.  I see what your heart is worried about.  Worry will not bring you into freedom; it will confine you into a small space that is not able to expect anything from Me.  See me, as an army of love, fighting against the enemy for all that does not belong to them.


Pray with great expectation in what I am able to accomplish.  See the giants in the land as minute compared to Me.  I am the maker of the entire world.  There is nothing created, nothing that exists, apart from Me.  Watch and see Me work in their lives.


When you expect to see Me move, you are aware of My presence in a situation.  You are intent on what I’m about to do and your heart moves into agreement with Mine.  I become much greater than the situation or issues that are before you.  I long for you to move in greater expectation!  Believe that there is nothing too great for me, no relationship that is beyond my ability to reach in and transform.  


As you wait for me, your entire being is becoming entwined with mine.  Hope is filling you that is desperately needed for this moment in this day to walk in freedom.  I am here to allow your heart to take courage, to literally grab hold of it and appropriate it for every member of your family.  Allow me to show you the goodness in the land of your inheritance.  Your promise is much greater than the giants that are temporarily residing on your land.  Release the promises over your children and with a courageous heart expect me to move in unique ways.  Your partnership for your family always comes first through the faith of favor.  As I release My favor into your heart, see it liberally pouring out from you over each of your children.  Can you see it?  Is it cascading joy, hope, freedom, direction, tenderness, strength and healing into every part of their soul?  The giants you saw on the land dissipate in My presence.


The inheritance is yours.  Live in the land I have given you!


-Lauren Hasson

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